PD Pollen & Smoke

Date of Birth:
This is a very unique young bull prospect. His top side is MN Fifty Shades of Grulla, a young bull that will reach 70" TTT well before his third birthday and is a tank of a bull who tied for 1st place with PCC Dark Knight at the Legends Futurity. His Grandsire on the top is the 92" AF Gunslinger. The bottom side of this bull is where he gets unique. His Dam is a young, huge bodied Cut'N Dried daughter. Cut'N Dried is in my opinion the best Cowboy Tuff son to date, weighing in at 2202lbs and nearly 95" TTT at not even 5 years old. If you'll follow in your hymnals, the cow underneath Cut'N Dried is a beautiful big black & white milk machine of a cow named Overdressed who has a ton of total horn and color to burn. She is sired by Overkill bringing the famous Field of Pearls cow not once, but twice to this young man’s pedigree! To top it off, this is the very first Silver Grulla progeny ever out of the Cut'N Dried family! Watch him grow-Horn-Body-Color-This young bull has it all!
Owner Name:
Plain Dirt Farms/Odden Grandview Farm
PD Pollen & Smoke