Our Cattle Philosophy

We truly believe that successful bloodlines start at the very basics. Our herd is built on great genetics including Concealed Weapon, HL Legend, Drag Iron, Fifty Fifty BCB, and JP Rio Grande to name a few, produced from years of genetic perfection before us.

A mother cow that has great conformation, a trouble-free foot and leg structure, and a sound udder to ensure longevity is of utmost importance. There is nothing more disappointing than to have a 4 or 5 year old cow that may have the phenotype, and production records that we strive for but has a foot or udder issue that requires us to move her out of the registered cow herd. Herd Sires are under even higher scrutiny because of the huge impact they have in moving our genetics in a positive direction. Sires are evaluated on structural and hoof soundness, pedigree, dam production records, horn direction, color, and eye appeal.

With all that being said, we passionately believe in producing animals that are appealing visually and at the forefront of genetic progress.


Bull Prospects