Battle On The Prairie Heifer Futurity 2024

Welcome to the “Battle On The Prairie”  a heifer futurity presented by Plain Dirt Farms.  

We plan to host an event to show longhorn evolution at its finest.  The focus of this heifer futurity is select heifer calves that will mature into the elite productive mature cows of tomorrow.

Our futurity provides an opportunity for a bunch of farmers to get cleaned up and evaluate the skill of predicting which of your calves will make the best 3-year-old. But, there's something more. When the bovine beauties enter the ring, there is a packed coliseum full of spectators. While the animals are parading around the ring, the futurity offers information about the longhorn industry, and the various sponsors welcome people to the event. 

We are also offering a unique youth program dubbed the “Sawyer Spotlight”.  This event is catered to the children to get them some experience in a ring, with an animal, in front of judges.  This class will be shown at the end of the futurity and we will ask that all judges stay in place to “judge” each child and their animal so those children are provided an experience of being “judged”.  Although the judges are present this will a non judged event.  There will be questions and answers from the announcer and the contestant.  All children will receive an award to solidify their confidence in a show environment and promote their future in this great breed.  Children with a heifer present are eligible.  We ask that a parent escort their child through the ring.

Health Paper Requirements

Health Certificates: The term “health certificate” means a legible legal record, made on a federally approved form issued by an accredited veterinarian, which shows that the animals listed thereon meet the requirements of the state of destination. Health Certificates are required for each futurity. Have your vet verify whether or not you are required to have an entry permit based on your home location.

Health Certificates must: 1. Accompany animals and be available on request at check in.  (For liability purposes it is recommended that a futurity make a photocopy and keep on hand and the original be given back to the owner or exhibitor) 2. Be presented at the time of check-in 3. Individually identify all animals, showing positive identification of each animal by name, tattoo and/or brand with PH number,  4. List Veterinarian certified (palpation, blood test, or sonogram) breeding information. (Any animal over 18 months of age without Pregnancy Status on the health certificate will be announced as open to the judges). 5. Show required test and/or vaccinations AND, 6Show name and address of owner or exhibitor. Animals with active lesions or ringworm with resulting loss of hair, or multiple warts easily visible without close examination will not be permitted to exhibit.

  Females: Any female over 30 months of age that does not have either a nursing Texas Longhorn calf at side (no cross bred calves will be allowed to be shown at side), the results of a positive pregnancy test (palpation, blood, or sonogram) listed on health certificate, or a registered offspring will be disqualified, and show will not be required to refund entry fees. Pregnancy information and/or age of calf at side will be made available to the judges.  Also, any animal over 18 months of age without Pregnancy Status on the health certificate will be announced as open to the judges.